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MTRA – Recognition of foreign qualifications

We are looking for medical-technical radiology assistants (MTRAs) (male/female/diverse). Have you ever thought of working in Germany? Germany in general and Med 360° in particular offer attractive career options in health care.

Be part of our team

Do you have a qualification as a “radiographer”, “radiologic technologist” or “medical-technical radiology assistant” in your home country? Do you have a similar training or a similar degree in radiology? If you are striving towards a career in a future-oriented medical company and if the opportunities and the security of a successful network are important to you as well as team cohesion, you should get to know us. Apply using our german vacancy posting (radiology, radiotherapy, nuclearmedcine), our vacancy posting (breast diganostic/breast imaging) or directly email akademiemed360gradde (if possible in German or in English).

Did you know?

You do not have to repeat your entire training if you want to work as an MTRA in Germany. There are mutual recognition procedures in place, with an individual assessment by the district government that determines which theoretical or practical units you have to catch up on for an adaptation period. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to support you throughout the process – from your application to recognition as a medical technical radiology assistant in Germany. And the best thing is that an attractive job and unlimited contract of employment are waiting for you at 360° once you are successfully licensed.


About Med 360°

Health is at the heart of everything we do. We stand for hightech with passion and secure jobs with future prospects. Med 360° offers a dynamic and challenging working environment as an innovative health care provider. We are looking for MTRAs for our specialist areas of radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and breast diagnostic/breast imaging. With over 60 locations (in doctor’s practices and hospitals), we offer our patients diagnostic and therapeutic services, not only in these fields, but also in orthopaedics, neurology and rheumatology, to name only a few.

We are looking for individuals who have qualified as “medical-technical radiology assistant”, “radiographer”, “radiologic technologist“ or a comparable profession. It would be advantageous if you have at least one year's work experience. You should be a team player who values interacting with patients and working independently. Basic German (ideally Level B2 or higher) is an advantage.

You will benefit from an appropriate salary and a secure workplace in our friendly working environment. We will also offer you:

  • Support in the recognition procedure
  • An unlimited contract of employment after successful recognition
  • If necessary: Coordination of training you need to catch up on
  • Cover costs for a German language course
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • External/internal further training for your career
  • A wide range of development opportunities in a successful and growing company

If these sound like attractive opportunities, apply by email or via our vacancy posting.

After the recognition procedure, your tasks will include (depending on where you work):

  • Creating CT, MRI scans and X-rays (in the specialism of radiology)
  • Operating a modern linear accelerator (in the specialism of radiotherapy)
  • Involvement in the imaging and examination process (in the specialism of nuclear medicine)
  • Creating mammography scans (in the specialism of breast diagnostics/breast imaging)
  • Use of modern RIS and PACS systems
  • Participation in night shifts, on-call and emergency services
  • Involvement in the development and enhancement of the location and the workflow

You have not performed certain activities and examinations within radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine or breast diagnostics so far? This does not have to be an obstacle for your career at Med 360°: With us you will learn the necessary theoretical and practical background during the recognition phase - tailored to your previous education and experience.

Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application via our german vacancy posting (radiology, radiotherapy, nuclearmedcine), our vacancy posting (breast diganostic/breast imaging) or directly email akademiemed360gradde.

If you have any further questions, please call Yannick Krohn on telephone number +49 (0)2171 7272-628.

  1. Application to Med 360°: Thank you for applying to us. We will get to know each other and that way we can see if we suit each other.
  2. Application to the district government: Before you can work independently as an MTRA in Germany, your qualification has to be recognised by the district government. For this, the authorities require all documents on your qualification and will review these. Do not be put off by the administrative procedure: We will support you from the word go, from compiling your documentation, to translations through to correspondence with the authorities. After this the district government will issue their recognition notification with an overview of the exact number of theoretical and practical units you have to catch up on.
  3. Theory and practice at Med 360°: Make a new start at Med 360°! As soon as you have the notification, we can employ you as an MTRA pending recognition. You will then complete the missing theoretical and practical units with us. If your language skills are not yet sufficient, we will support you with a language course. We can also help you to find accommodation. Depending on how much you have to repeat, the recognition phase can take about six to twelve months.
  4. Unlimited permanent position at Med 360°: Congratulations on your registration! After you have successfully completed the recognition procedure, you are in line for an unlimited term, permanent position as an MTRA at Med 360°.

Why Med 360°?

Benefit from our special concept that offers you everything you need from one provider:

  • Full support: We will deal with the recognition procedure and contact with the authorities.
  • Job security: We offer every MTRA (male/female/diverse) who successfully completes the recognition procedure an unlimited contract at one of our sites.
  • Appropriate salary: You will receive a salary the very first day – even during the recognition phase.
  • Costs are covered: We cover the costs for the recognition procedure, translations, a language course, and the theoretical or practical units you have to catch up on, if you stay with us for at least two years after successful recognition.

Interview with Tim Müller, HR Manager at Med 360°

We look forward to receiving applications from MTRAs with a qualification from another country. Often these are well-trained experts, but they have to repeat certain theoretical or practical content, to be able to pursue their careers in Germany. This is a fact we would like to address with our concept. It is an advantage for applicants that we can – thanks to our wide range of specialisms and sites – implement this concept fully within Med 360°, uncomplicated and with only a minimum amount of administration for the applicant. What is important to us is that applicants get a good start and are quickly part of a team. When we are convinced of someone and this person also wants to meet us before a final decision, we invite them to visit us in Germany. The costs for the journey and accommodation will be covered by us. During a one-week work shadowing, the prospect will then get to know the site where he or she will work during the recognition phase – and ideally also after that period. We also offer job security and long-term career prospects: We will pay a salary even during the recognition phase and offer all aspiring applicants an unlimited workplace at one of our sites after they have been recognised.

During the recognition procedure, the responsible authorities define exactly which content the new staff have to catch up on in terms of theory and practice. Since we can offer full recognition in our company, theory and practice go hand-in-hand. From day one, the focus is on new staff being deployed at the site during the recognition phase at which are scheduled to later be employed. This means that new staff enjoy the best possible preparation for their later work and can get to know their supervisor and colleagues at an early stage. To ensure successful integration, we will cover costs for language courses, for example, if this is necessary.

Simply apply by email or via our vacancy posting. Please also use this email address if you have any questions. Alternatively, potential applicants can call us directly on: +49 (0)2171 7272-628. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will try to clarify and answer any questions you may have.

Facts on Med 360°:

  • Many different medical specialisms such as radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and breast diagnostic
  • More than 60 practice locations

Did you know...

… that Germany is the second most popular country worldwide in terms of employment and career, according to a survey by the Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with The Network, a worldwide merger of online job markets?